ZED Press is a literary press in Windsor, Ontario. We are currently focusing on chapbooks and an upcoming magazine.

We envision ZED Press providing a space for experimental and formally challenging writers to showcase their projects. ZED curates an artisanal aesthetic, valuing the hand-made and messy, where mistakes reflect authentic individuality instead of uniform sleekness.

We hope to highlight a collection of voices that are underrepresented in Canadian literature: women, Indigenous writers, writers of colour, LGBTQIA2S writers, writers with disabilities, and other underrepresented groups. ZED can take or leave punctuation but always accepts new voices, quiet or otherwise.

ZED identifies as Canadian, but will not be exclusively defined by historic Canadian literature. This Canada breathes deeply, shakes snow off, is not afraid to get a few tattoos and write love poems for pizza. ZED pushes past and forward, jostling both the historical and contemporary Canadian poetry landscape. We, as a small Canadian press, seek to provide a platform for writers whose visions include multimedia, incorporation of images and visual poetry, collaborations with artists—creators whose work does not fit within the confines of the standard chapbook model. There are already a few incredible presses working in this direction—Jack Pine Press, Puddles of Sky, and Swimmers Group—and  ZED aims to provide another space of freedom for unbound literary expression.

We are starting with a focus on writers who began their journey in the Windsor literary community, but we will expand outward to include voices throughout Canada and the globe.

Our submission guidelines will be posted in April, 2017. We are excited to engage the literary community in Canada and beyond.