Submission Guidelines

ZED Press is looking for unique and interesting chapbook submissions from across the world for its fifth series. We’re looking for writing that is experimental in form and/or content, and we have a particular interest in cross-genre work that bends or breaks traditional genre “rules.” Show us something we’ve never seen before, whether it’s poetry, prose, or a combination of the two.

We hope to highlight a collection of voices that are underrepresented in literature: women, Indigenous writers, writers of colour, LGBTQIA2S writers, writers with disabilities, and other underrepresented groups. ZED can take or leave punctuation but always accepts new voices, quiet or otherwise. Our focus is primarily toward emerging writers, but we are always open to seeing what writers are working on.

Our Submission period is usually from May 1 to August 31, but in light of delays caused by COVID-19 our submission period for 2020 will be from JULY 1ST to SEPTEMBER 30TH. Submissions received outside of these dates will not be read until the next reading period. We aim to respond as quickly as we can. We understand the importance for a writer to be able to submit to multiple places. We also accept simultaneous submissions, but ask that you inform us in the email body.

Chapbooks should be in between 10 – 32 pages in length.

Chapbook submissions should be sent in .doc or .docx format, or as a PDF if necessary to maintain essential formatting. Since we have a blind submission process, we request that you omit your name from the document.

If your chapbook is selected, payment is $100, 5 copies of your chapbook, and $1 per sale.

We accept chapbook submissions to our email at Please provide a cover letter with some biographical information so that we can get to know you!